Why BSSI is a novel solution

Despite the temporary postponement to IR35 legislation, the shift caused by proposed changes to IR35 legislation in the UK create a gap in capability which companies may consider filling by increasing their FTE headcount.  Others are trying to operate within IR35 or using umbrella companies which can prove complicated or costly.

What if there was another way?  Step in, the French ESN.

ESN stands for Entreprise de Service Numérique and can be crudely translated as an IT Services Company.  In reality, it is much more than that. In France, ESNs literally partner with their clients to provide the right people with the right skills at the right time.  This is what we currently do across the channel.  In fact we are the 5th largest pure player in the French InfoSec and Cyber Security sector providing long and short term expertise. Our clients include Airbus, Société Générale and BNP Parisbas. 

So, what about IR35? As BSSI is not a Personal Services Company all our experts are full-time employees. They are fully salaried through PAYE, accrue Class 1 NI and pension contributions plus if they meet their objectives our consultants also receive a performance-based bonus. Training and career development are key priorities to the company’s ethos. As we treat our employees correctly, and always have, IR35 has no bearing for neither BSSI nor our clients. This means companies are free to engage our services without risk of repercussion from HMRC.

As well as no risk from HMRC scrutiny, there is also no longer a requirement to use recruitment companies. By coming direct to BSSI not only do you get our expert services, but without the middleman it will also cost you less than a contractor would have done before. In these uncertain times you may still have mission critical projects planned but for which you have no FTE resources due to a hiring freeze. We are your solution.

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