Compliance and handling sensitive data

Recent changes to regulations require business to adopt a strategy to protect private and personal data.  It is important to realise that protecting data is the responsibility of everyone in the business and not just the IT and InfoSec functions.

We can assist you in making sure your entire business adapts to the changes required whether they are technical, procedural or cultural.

We offer the following services in data protection :

  • Gap analysis between the regulations and your current posture.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) either taking complete responsibility or assisting your own DPO in performing their duties.
  • Personal data register creation.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment framework development including informing/training your staff.
  • Privacy by design imlpementation in your business processes.

Norms and standards used :

# ISO27001

# ISO27002

# Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance and recommendations

# European Regulation

# Data Protection Act 2018.