Cybersecurity technical expertise

Cloud services offer great advantages and flexibility to businesses, especially in the current environment.  Our experts can support your business in the adaptation of cloud products :

  • Analyse security issues.
  • Identify risks for the company.
  • Determine those functions that can play a part in enabling the security of your cloud solution.

We are constantly studying best practice and market solutions as well as staying abreast of new vulnerabilities in order to support our customers through:

  • Cloud Architecture adapted to the security challenges faced by the business to offer the best compromise between private and public clouds.
  • Cloud access broker solutions that will allow you to add security solutions.

Our key competencies :

# Supplier agnostic – we have no commercial agreements in place with suppliers so you can be sure that we are offering impartial advice.

# Continuous education on the new technical solutions offered by the market.

# Certification of our consultants to recognised cerification bodies.

# Risk-based approach.